16 ene 2010

Smart communications … on the telephone (2)

In a previous post in this blog (http://www.pgpsi.com/2010/01/smart-communication-with-emails-1.html), I shared with you a set of ‘good practices’ proposal to improve communications wiht the email.

As I said, email is one of the most used tools in communication processes in companies and projects. And of course, the other is telephone.

In this second post, I want to cover the use of telephone in these processes:

  • Say at the beginning what the call is about and which points you want to address. Give notice of longer phone calls.
  • Prepare important documents. If they could be of use, send them in advance to your counterparts. What objections or questions could the person have?
  • Verbaly summarize the outcome and measures at the end of the phone call. Briefly record the details in writing.
  • Turn on your answerphone when absent from your desk for a longer period. If you have a business cellular phone enter the number in the ‘notes’ address book.
  • When making overseas calls pay attention to the time zone where your counterpart is located. Think beforehand about the English terminoloy you may need.
  • Should you have problems getting in contact with someone abroad by telephone? Try reaching a third person! Call a different person you know at the same place.

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