27 ago 2010

Importance of Change Management in IT Projects

Are you concious about the need of change management in IT Projects? No?

CIOs do…

Top 10 CIO Strategies 2013 (From Gartner)

  1. Delivering projects than enable business growth (mission enhancement)
  2. Expanding use of information and intelligence in operations, products or service
  3. Linking business & IT strategies and plans
  4. Leading enterprise change initiatives
  5. Developing or managing a flexible technology infraetructure
  6. Attracting, developing and retaining IT personnel
  7. Building business skills in the IT organization
  8. Building a business process centre of excellence
  9. Improving the relationship between IT and the business (relationship managers,…)
  10. Applying business performance metrics to IT

At last, projects are the way organizations deliver change

26 ago 2010

Making friends in social media

A little of humor, extracted from a material of Julius Solaris (“The ten commandments of online communities).


Enjoy it!

19 ago 2010

Interesting videos about internet, web 2.0,…, in ‘plain English’

Maybe you already know this set of videos that explain, ‘in plain English’, different concepts around Internet and Web 2.0.

What is social media? How does www run? And twitter? Why is social media useful? How to identify a phishing activity? How does Google Docs work?

I think they are a very didactical resource.

If you don’t know these videos, I’m sure you will find them very interesting.

I usually invite my students at university and business school (www.eada.edu) to review them.

I grouped them into different categories in order to facilitate their review


WEB 2.0




And of course, I invite you to visit the webpage of www.commoncraft.com, the authors ot these amazing videos.