29 mar 2011

A vision of Social Networks in Spain ( www.dosdoce.com )

I’m sure you will find very interesting this work published by www.dosdoce.com



You can access to the complete files in its web http://www.dosdoce.com/articulo/estudios/3562/chuleta-de-las-redes-sociales-en-espana/

Thanks to Joan Jerez to talked me about them!

6 mar 2011

iProductivity, the value of technology to people (material)

Usually, I participate in several events and workshops organized by our Innovation Center (www.micproductivity.com) o by third parties (partners of us, associations,…), explaining the iProductivity technologies and their use, at companies, in order to become more productivity, at two levels: bth as individual and as organization.

In previous posts, I published some of the materials I use.

For example, I shared some videos (iProductivity- How to present it through videos) or different presentations in “Project Management”.

But I didn’t published material about iProductivity.

So, here we have

Productivity lab cip-esp-2010
I hope it will be interesting to you.