5 ene 2011

Are our companies prepared for the new world of work?

I want to recommend you the research note of Tom Austin, from Gartner (www.gartner.com), published on 30 march 2010, “Watchlist: Continuing Changes in the Nature of Work: 2010- 2020”, that is available at http://www.sourcingprofessional.nl/share/files/45_209935/watchlist_continuing_changes_1746021.pdf

I will not reproduce the content of this interesting article, of course, but I want to highlight 5 of 10 changes in the nature of work that Gartner predicts will occur in our enterprises:

  1. De-routinization of work
  2. Working with the collective
  3. Work Sketch-Ups
  4. Hyperconnected
  5. My Place

And  the last message of the document: “The challenge for IT professionals concerned with supporting (or enhancing the performance of) high-value work is going to be in moving from the metaphors of the 1980s (Office Automation), 1990s (Groupware), 2000s (Enterprise 2.0) into a brave new world characterized by increased volatility, hyperconnectedness, swarming and more.”

Now, the question we have to answer is “has yet our company evolved from the office automation to groupware and enterprise 2.0 in order to be prepared for this new challenge?”

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