27 dic 2012

IBM ‘5 in 5’ 2012 (From IBM Research)

In next five years will be able to imitate the taste, sight, smell, hearing and touch, as IBM Research ‘5 in 5’ report indicates in its edition of 2012.

Emerging technologies will continue to push the boundaries of human limitations to enhance and augment our senses with machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced speech recognition and more. No need to call for Superman when we have real super senses at hand.

This year IBM presents The 5 in 5 in five sensory categories, through innovations that will touch our lives and see us into the future (click on links to access to complete information):

  • Touch: You will be able to touch through your phone: link
  • Sight: A pixel will be worth a thousand words: link
  • Hearing: Computers will hear what matters: link
  • Taste: Digital taste buds will help you eat smarter: link
  • Smell: Computers will have a sense of smell: link

I published in my pinterest board ‘IT Trends’ 5 images from these posts: http://pinterest.com/pgpsi/technology-trends/


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